Rock solid healthcare software development for visionaries.

Linea Software services are designed to engage our customers where they are in the product life cycle, whether ideation (crafting beautiful experiences and intuitive interfaces for enterprise, web and mobile) to re-platforming (monolithic and on-premise to micro-services and public cloud) and anywhere in between. 


Each application, no matter the purpose, relies heavily on the performance, structure and integrity of information. Data is increasing not only in its volume but also in its complexity. It’s extremely important for businesses to keep their data streams not only optimized, but more importantly safe and holistic. Well-structured data, for not only its current use, but it’s options for extensibility and interoperability can facilitate better overall service, experiences and overall business growth.

With the variety of tools available, our starting point is always an evaluation of the environment so we can make the best decision about the best architecture, patterns and frameworks for each engagement. Our goal is to ensure there is great flexibility and quick prototyping ability, while incorporating enterprise tools to create robust systems. Building high-performance platforms and solutions that securely process information at high speeds is a specialty.
Mobile is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in ensuring you are able to reach your audience. We help organizations and visionaries create and implement a mobile strategy allowing them to communicate directly with their clients when the need arises. It’s more important than ever to have mobile as a part of your delivery mechanism extending reach and providing the ability to deliver needed services in real-time from almost anywhere.
We work with standalone or virtualized servers including on-premises scenarios helping clients to spin up, migrate, configure and manage cloud instances. Regardless of the environment, we embrace automation as one of the key capabilities for large scale development, continuous integration/continuous deployment, QA testing and best practices as the early‑warning system that goes a long way in identifying issues quickly. This provides us the opportunity to address issues before problems develop and ensure stable experiences. Automated scaling is also perfect for dealing with traffic bursts, spinning up new servers or shutting them down as required.


Designing that are able to meet current and ever-changing demands requires and in-depth understanding of not only the business, but the sector in which the business operates in order to be able to expand in the future. Our architects have a breadth of experience in numerous sectors and enterprise software applications that are at the core of all innovative data driven solutions.
Understanding healthcare providers and supporting technologies have unique requirements that traditional software suites can’t address, we see a unique opportunity to approach each engagement as an opportunity to create a great solution and also integrate that solution across the larger ecosystem. Whether you are needing to extend a legacy application or looking to integrate into a larger platform, we bring expertise that has been tried and tested.

Visionaries understand that user experiences with technology solutions are just as important as the solutions themselves. Not only do our user experience architects understand the importance of creating products and experiences that engaging and delightful, it provides our customers with a distinct and competitive advantage of their competition. From wireframes and user research to light UI design, we are focused on elevating the human experience with devices that could ultimately save lives.

UI design is one of the most difficult and influential components of the product development life cycle. Details such as color, grid, typography and layout ensures a products brand and identity are represented regardless of the device. Acknowledging that great UI can be life changing, we aim to be the absolute best in crafting engaging experiences that tightly integrate to the necessary APIs and database platforms creating the complete

Recognizing the proliferation of mobile devices across. NexGen Technics constantly examines how mobile plays a role in the overall experience of technology delivery. We accept the opportunity and challenge to assist our clients in providing a unified, integrated services and experiences across all touchpoints. We are actively engaged in the journey to go beyond standard approaches and transform the way mobile apps are developed via constantly challenging and questioning our ideas.
Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of web application types – from Single Page Applications (SPAs), quick prototyping and mid-level web applications to full enterprise level applications. In web design, regardless the application, we focus on ensuring information is clear, relevant and streamlined for the desired efficiency gains.

“Linea came in and provided great expertise and execution, helping us to continue providing services to our clients and partners. We are confident the solutions implemented have improved not only our security, but also our ability to help patients get the care they need, quickly.”

Josh F., Executive Director